Who should apply for Smarter in The City Accelerator Program? Here’s what alumni said:

Shao Chieh Lo
3 min readSep 11, 2017

Andy Jacques, co-founder and CEO of Pulse 24/7

Smarter in the City is the spectacular program for someone who does not have a lot of mentorship resources. You might have a grand idea, you might have a very crucial and important problem you are trying to solve, but you don’t have the guidance, you don’t have the leadership, you don’t have the network to actually accelerate it.

In Smarter in The City, it’s awesome to know that everyday coming to work I was able to engage with some super smart, and mentors that challenge my thought process to help me get to the next level

In this sense, the community is extremely important because the entrepreneur life is pretty lonely, you will surely need people there every step of the way to encourage you to keep going.

Rica Elysée, Co-founder and CEO of BeautyLynk

I think Smarter in The City is exceptional for individuals who are just starting that don’t really know what they really want to build, but need help go through their ideation phase. So if you just start your business, Smarter in The City is the great place to go!

Tuan & Joe, Co-founders of ScholarJet

Joe: I think the right type of person for Smarter in The City is someone who want to learn. Smarter in The City offers so many workshops, connections, mentors, and resources that you really have to be willing to take advantage of.

If you join Smarter in The City and you are not willing to embrace these things and try to learn from them, you are not gonna get as much out of it as someone else.

I think the best candidate to join Smarter in The City is someone who is willing to come in here every day, spend time with cohort and learning from everyone around you.

Tuan: Once you know what you want to do, you have to put in work, and you can’t be distracted by anything else. [In Smarter in The City,] you are able to see your dream and understanding what you can do to get it.

Daniel Tewfik, Co-founder and CEO of Sumu

I absolutely recommend everybody to apply to Smarter in The City, especially people are going to be fully dedicated to their ideas during the program.

Melissa James, Founder of The Tech Connection

If you are a startup funders working by yourself having a really great idea, I definitely encourage you to apply Smarter in The City because I Think you will get abundance of resources. You can get access to the amazing community and individuals all working on startups. You will also be able to

  1. Get startup funding for your business, just enough to get you started.
  2. Have access to amazing mentors help you think strategically about how you build your company.
  3. Thirdly, you will also have access to alumni who have been there, who have done that, who can give you the right connection, the right introduction so that you can have access to the people that can help you build your business.



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